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Year 1

Pastoral Studies
(year 1) Accredited program(HEXCO)

National Certificate in Pastoral Studies
The course is designed to develop a self – reliant artist with skills, knowledge and attitudes
required in the Pastoral Studies. The total duration of the course is 1 200 notional hours
spread over a period of one year. The minimum entry qualification for the course is five
Ordinary level subject passes at grade C or better including English Language, Africa for
Christ Bible College offers the course on Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) basis.
Assessment is through, continuous assessment, practical and theory examinations. The course
considers gender mainstreaming, sustainable development, physical challenges, health
dispositions and the intersections between race, class and culture.

SUBJECT TITLE                                                                              NOTIONAL HOURS
1. Introduction to the Bible and Hermeneutics                               180
2. Pastoral Care and Counselling                                                     100
3. Homiletics                                                                                          80
4. Evangelism and Church Planting                                                  80
5. Spiritual Formation                                                                          100
6. Church Administration and Leadership                                      140
7. Introduction to Theology                                                               200
8. Basic Communication                                                                     80
9. Introduction to Computers                                                             80
10. Entrepreneurial Skills Development                                              80
11. National & Strategic Studies                                                  80
TOTAL                                                                                                   1200

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry(1year course)



Course Flow:

Christian Basics 1:CCB1

Christian Basics 2: CCB2

Personal Discipleship (PD)

Blood Covenant (BC)

Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit (BGHS)

Romans (RM)

Principles of Cell Groups (PCG)

Church Administration (CA)

Christian Education (CE1)

Biblical Foundations 1: CBF

Bible Introduction (BI)

Biblical Foundations 2:

End Times Study (ETS)